Becoming a Tattoo Removal Technician

Expand Your Career By Becoming a Tattoo Vanish® Tattoo Removal Technician

Whether you have experience as a tattoo artist, a permanent makeup specialist or as a professional in the medical field, becoming a tattoo removal technician is a great way to expand your career or to start a new career path. Today, there are more than 20,000 tattoo shops in the United States, and a four out of 10 adults between the ages of 18 and 69 have at least one tattoo. That’s 45 million Americans with tattoos, and not all of those tattoos are going to be keepers.

In fact, many people regret getting their tattoo. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, almost a quarter of Americans who have tattoos regret at least one of them. This means that, while most people don’t regret their tattoos, there are still plenty of people who do, and as more and more people get tattooed, there will be more and more people regretting them and looking to get them removed. Luckily, as a tattoo removal technician, you’ll be in the perfect place to make your mark in this up-and-coming industry.

Why Should You Choose to Become a Tattoo Vanish Technician?

Not all tattoo removal technicians are the same, nor do they all perform the same procedures. One of the most popular tattoo removal methods is laser tattoo removal, which is why getting certified in laser tattoo removal may seem like the best option for you. But, as the Tattoo Vanish Method gets more exposure, and more people realize just how much safer and effective it is than laser tattoo removal, more and more people will be choosing Tattoo Vanish over laser tattoo removal. And, when that happens, you’ll be glad that you chose to get certified in the Tattoo Vanish Method.

The Cost of Starting a Laser Tattoo Removal Business is Higher Than You Might Think

In addition to the popularity and superiority of the Tattoo Vanish Method over laser tattoo removal, one of the other big reasons to choose it over getting certified to perform laser tattoo removal is the cost. If you’re starting a new tattoo removal business or expanding your existing business to include tattoo removal, the equipment you need can be prohibitive from a cost standpoint.

The cost of a good laser tattoo removal machine can be as high as $50,000 to $400,000, and that’s just for the initial investment. Laser tattoo removal machines also require regular maintenance, and that can set you back at least as $1,000 to $1,800 per month. This is in addition to the other costs of starting a new business, as well as the costs of training and getting certified as a technician. As you can see, opening a laser tattoo removal business isn’t exactly cheap to start, nor is it cheap to maintain.

If you want to become certified as a Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal technician, though, it’s much more affordable. If you are already a licensed tattoo artist with experience, all you have to do to become certified is to take our online class, which costs $595. If you have a background in the medical field and aren’t licensed as a tattoo artist, you’ll need to take the online course as well as a two-day training at the Tattoo Removal Institute in Miami, which costs a total of $1,995, but the cost also includes the equipment you’ll need to perform the procedure, including a complete Tattoo Vanish Starter Kit consisting of Tattoo Vanish Machine, power supply, foot pedal, 10 needles and a full size of each of our products to get you started.

You Need the Right Background in Order to Become a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician

In addition to the high costs, another thing that might hold you back from becoming a laser tattoo removal technician are the individual state requirements to operate a laser. In most states, you simply need to be trained and certified in order to perform laser tattoo removal, but that’s not true of every state.

States With Specific Laser Tattoo Removal Requirements:

  • California, Florida – You must be a nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or a physician to perform laser tattoo removal.
  • Illinois – Before a tattoo removal technician can perform the procedure, a physician or their delegate has to evaluate the patient.
  • Ohio – You have to have a physician in order to perform laser tattoo removal in Ohio.
  • New Jersey – You have to be a physician in order to perform laser tattoo removal in New Jersey.

Even in states that don’t require laser tattoo removal technicians to first become nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or physicians often require that technicians are supervised by physicians, or that they have an off-site physician as the medical director of the business.

In order to become a tattoo removal specialist certified in Tattoo Vanish, however, you really only need a tattoo artist license. Professionals with experience in the medical field — especially those with background in med spas — can also become certified; it just takes a little more training.

Our Tattoo Removal Technician Training Program

Now that you know about the many reasons to choose to get certified as a Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal technician, it’s time to learn about our amazing program.

It all starts with virtual online training. This part of the training is required for attendees from all backgrounds. However, if you are already a licensed tattoo artist, this is the only training you’ll need to get started as a certified Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal technician.

Anyone who isn’t a licensed tattoo artist, including those with backgrounds in the the medical field, will need to take an additional, two-day training course, which takes place at the Tattoo Removal Institute in Miami. In this course, you’ll learn how to use a tattoo machine, which is a key part of the Tattoo Vanish method. You’ll also learn how to set the machine up correctly as well as best practices of synthetic skin. This course will also allow for plenty of hands-on practice so that you can master your new skill. Lunch will be provided for both days of the training, and you’ll enjoy a significant discount at a local hotel for your stay if you’re coming from out of town.

What You’ll Get When You Sign up for Tattoo Removal School With Tattoo Vanish

When you go through our training program, you’ll have all of the training and hands-on practice you need to get your official certification. But, in addition to helping you become a certified tattoo removal specialist, we can also help you start your new tattoo removal business off on the right foot.

With our training program, you’ll also get:

  • Access to the Online Training through our Tattoo Vanish Technician Portal – This manual is incredibly helpful throughout your training, but you’ll also be able to reference it in the future when you need it.
  • Graphic artwork – For any business, marketing is a key part of success, and we have tons of amazing graphic artwork that we’ll provide for you so that you can effectively market your new business.
  • Before and after pictures – Before a client commits to the procedure, they’re going to want to ensure that it works. We’ll give you plenty of before and after pictures to prove just how well the Tattoo Vanish Method works. These are also perfect to place on your website and on any marketing materials.
  • The required legal forms – In order to stay in compliance with laws and regulations, your patients are going to need to fill out many forms, including the Client History form, the Informed Consent form, the Plan of Care form, the Consent for Minors form and the Darker Skin form. You’ll also need to provide your client with some paperwork as well, including the pricing guide for the procedures, the number of treatments recommended and the aftercare instructions. We’ll provide you with all of the forms and paperwork you need.
  • Monthly newsletters – Staying up to date on the latest industry news is important for keeping your new business as competitive as possible. Luckily, with our monthly newsletters, it’s easy to keep up with all of the latest industry news. Additionally, the newsletters contain notifications and information about upcoming specials.
  • Sales brochures – We make it easier to spread the word about your new business by providing you with first time complementary 50 brochures that can be personalized for your business. Each brochure was professionally designed and is in full color.
  • Official certificate – You’ll, of course, receive your official Tattoo Vanish Technician certificate and decal, which can be hung in your office.
  • Logos, trademarks and products – Unlike most new businesses that have to go through the arduous tasks of designing a logo or getting their methods or products trademarked, as a Tattoo Vanish Technician, all of that will be done for you. And, you’ll be able to use the logo, trademarks and products in your marketing materials, on your website and in many more places.

Are You Ready to Become a Tattoo Vanish Technician?

With more and more people getting tattooed each day, the demand for affordable and effective tattoo removal is stronger than it’s ever been. Now is the perfect time to break into the tattoo removal business. Although laser tattoo removal may be the current most popular removal method, Tattoo Vanish will soon be taking its place, and it’s much, much easier and more cost effective to get certified as a tattoo removal specialist certified in the Tattoo Vanish Method than it is to be certified in laser tattoo removal. Whether you have a background as a tattoo artist or a medical professional, or you’ve worked in a med spa, you’ll love how quick and easy it is to get certified with Tattoo Vanish.

If you’re ready to add a new service to your existing business or expand your existing career or to start an exciting new career as a Tattoo Removal Technician Contact Tattoo Vanish today!

Terms and Conditions:
All technicians MUST be individually trained and certified through Tattoo Vanish Method. ONLY
RECERTIFICATION: $300.00 Recertification Fee shall be due annually or you can sign-up for monthly recurring payment of $25.00.

Provide proof of liability insurance. You are responsible for business license and all other state, city and/or county regulating agency requirements. Must provide appropriate health card, license and/or verification if it is a requirement of your state, city and/or county. Upon signup.

Please note that ones you purchase our 2-days Hands-on Training a $500.00 (non-refundable) down payment is required to save the dates of your training. Total amount left is required to be paid 1 week before Training schedule. Our training is (non-refundable) upon signup, if you encounter an emergency and need to reschedule the day of training we will be happy to reschedule for another day. You must understand that we can only reschedule on the dates that we have available in our training schedule.