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The Tattoo Vanish® Method is safe, effective and works faster than laser tattoo removal.

When the time comes to part with an unwanted tattoo, choose the best tattoo removal method in Wisconsin — the Tattoo Vanish Method. Though there are many different types of tattoo removal, none of them even come close to Tattoo Vanish. Tattoo Vanish is the first — and only — tattoo removal method that is all natural, meaning it requires no lasers, toxins, acids or surgical procedures. And, unlike laser tattoo removal, which is known for being the most popular method, Tattoo Vanish actually has what it takes to completely remove all colors, even white!

Let us help you find a Tattoo Vanish technician in Wisconsin.

There are many different methods for removing an unwanted tattoo, but as you can see, they simply don’t stand up to Tattoo Vanish. If you’re interested in trying this one-of-a-kind tattoo removal method, it’s time to find a certified tattoo removal technician near you. Check the map and the directory below to find a specialist in Wisconsin. We are proud to say that our home office in Miami is also home to the Institute of Tattoo Removal, so if you don’t see a nearby technician now, be sure to check back in the future, as new experts are being certified all the time. And, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in becoming a technician yourself!