Tattoo Removal – These Are Safety Tips You Need to Know First

August 9, 2022

Tattoo Removal – These Are Safety Tips You Need to Know First

Fast tattoo removal is possible thanks to a new method called Tattoo Vanish®. This innovative method provides outstanding results that are faster, safer and more efficient than laser removal. In fact, Tattoo Vanish® can tackle stubborn ink that does not respond to laser removal.

This all natural, non-laser method is the safest and most progressive fast tattoo removal method on the market. There are no acids or toxins involved, and each technician is trained and provided a kit by Tattoo Vanish® corporate headquarters. First Lido-Gel a local anesthetic is applied. Next a tattoo machine is used to open the skin for better exposing the ink. The next step is the Ink Eraser solution, that is applied over the tattoo. This helps to wash away the ink. After a few minutes, the ink eraser will be rinsed, and you’ll be ready to go home and follow your aftercare instruction provided by your Certified technician. Depending on the size, color and style of tattoo, more than one session will be necessary.

Fast Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Vanish is 50%-75% faster than a laser and gets out far more ink. It can completely erase most tattoos, where some can only be faded by the laser.

Safety Tips Before Your Fast Tattoo Removal

• Before the procedure, avoid coffee, alcohol, suntanning and retinol creams.

• Discuss pain tolerance with the technician. Due to the numbing cream and the fact that the pain is on par with, or less than, the pain of getting a tattoo, you can expect some discomfort instead of outright pain.

• Follow the aftercare routine that the technician discusses with you. The skin will need to be cared for in order to achieve proper, scar free healing. Think of this as a reverse tattoo; proper care is required before, during and after for optimal results.

• Expect, and participate in the consultation. We are not here to judge. We won’t ask why you got your tattoo so don’t be shy about coming to us to have hate symbols, names or poorly drawn tattoos removed. We will be interested in knowing where it was done and what kind of ink was used. We need to know this to customize your fast tattoo removal experience.

Why Choose the Tattoo Vanish® method?

Tattoo Vanish® technicians undergo a high level of training. The company considers those that have tattoo artist experience to have a greater understanding of the method and provides a different style of training for those artists. Those without tattoo experience learn more about the artistry and how it affects the skin. Either way, each technician first understands tattooing before they learn how to remove a tattoo. Tattoo Vanish® teaches technicians more than just how to apply the Ink Eraser. They understand why it works, how it works, how long it will take on various skin tones and inks, and much more.

The level of training alongside the very safe and effective, natural Ink Eraser solution has helped thousands recover their confidence, get rid of unwanted tattoos, and reclaim their lives. Don’t let bad ink slow you down when fast tattoo removal is an option.

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