Tattoo Removal Without Laser – The Effective and Safe Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Ink

July 12, 2021

Tattoo Removal Without Laser – The Effective and Safe Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Ink

Signifying major events in a person’s life, important people, or just done on a whim, tattoos are permanent pieces of artwork that adorn the bodies of millions of people. Tattoo artwork is beautiful, and it shows on the skin a part of a person’s inner being. However, like everything in life, people change, and sometimes what used to be a tattoo with significant meaning suddenly changes into a reminder of regrets, or of someone you no longer want to be.

Removing tattoos can be a costly task, especially if you are resorting to using the popular laser methods that break down the ink on the skin using very specific light wavelengths in intense pulses. But laser tattoo removal can take many sessions, and it can take over a year to fully remove a tattoo, which is part of the reason it’s so expensive. Is there a more natural, safe, effective, and quicker method to remove a tattoo from your skin? There sure is, and it is the Tattoo Vanish Method for tattoo removal without laser.

Introducing the Tattoo Vanish Method

The Tattoo Vanish Method is a way to remove a tattoo that is non-evasive, and it isn’t actually too different a process than the original tattooing was. While laser tattoo removal uses targeted high-power lasers to dissolve the ink, and while chemical methods use chemicals to try to break down the ink as well through the skin, the Tattoo Vanish Method exfoliates the skin and uses a proprietary product that brings the ink back to the surface for safe tattoo removal without a removal without laser

The Process:

•  Step 1: A local anesthetic is applied to the tattoo area on your body by a certified technician before and during the procedure to reduce discomfort during the removal process.

•  Step 2: The technician will go over the tattooed area with a tattoo machine, exfoliating the epidermis. Then the Ink Eraser solution is placed over the removal area for a total of 10 minutes, exposing the ink to the surface of the skin and forming a scab within the next 3 to 7 days.

•  Step 3: You will then be given aftercare instructions on the healing process. It is highly recommended for you to purchase the After Care Cream. After Care Cream is only to be used after the scab has completely fallen off. It will help with the healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

In just three steps, you can get rid of unwanted ink with tattoo removal without a laser.

Safe Way to Remove Unwanted Ink

Without any harsh chemicals, acids, or lasers, the Vanish Tattoo Method is one of the best methods for tattoo removal without laser. Chemicals and acids can cause damage to your skin when removing a tattoo, leaving lasting marks or scars that may be there for years. Laser tattoo removal also can leave marks and discoloration of the skin, and in rare cases it can even cause permanent scarring.

Effective Tattoo Removal

The best benefit of using Tattoo Vanish Method is the fact that it is highly effective, even after the first session. Where chemical peels, acids, and lasers are likely to require several sessions over the course of many months (and while the length is further affected by ink type and pigment), Tattoo Vanish Method will see most of the tattoo removed the first sessions, and will then only require one or two more follow ups. If you are looking for an effective and safe tattoo removal without laser, then visit the Tattoo Vanish Method website and find a local technician to help you remove that old tattoo. Contact us to know more.

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