Tattoo Removal – Different Methods to Assist You to Clean Away a Tattoo

June 28, 2022

Tattoo Removal – Different Methods to Assist You to Clean Away a Tattoo

Ever since the days of rudimentary tattoos, there have been rudimentary methods of removing said tattoos. Over the years, a lot of these methods were painful, often ineffective, and left scarring and other damage behind that would likely never disappear. Today however, there are several different methods that are much safer to assist you in removing a tattoo you don’t want. The best tattoo removal differs between people but researching different options can give you an idea of what method will be best for you.

Avoid DIY Tattoo Removal Methods

There are a lot of DIY tattoo removal methods floating around the internet and they have been shared for ages, but most of these methods should be avoided. They can sometimes remove part of a tattoo but end up damaging the skin and causing a lot of pain. DIY removal comes with an increased risk of infections, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. Ultimately most that try to use DIY tattoo removal methods, end up trying more professional methods after, but still have to live with permanent scarring.

Method: Skin Excision

This option is available for very small tattoos. Generally, you would go to a doctor that would remove the tattoo by removing the affected skin. This method will leave scarring, but you can include a skin graft to try to minimize visible damage. Difficult or almost impossible to do with larger tattoos.

Method: Laser Tattoo Removal

A lot of advances have come to the laser tattoo removal method in recent years. With laser tattoo removal, a professional dermatologist will zap the tattoo with directed lasers. Depending on the pigment of the tattoo, a different frequency of laser is used. The number of sessions needed for laser tattoo removal will depend on the age of the tattoo, coloring, location, and density. Some feel this method provides the best tattoo removal, but it can take well over a year to complete all treatment sessions, and for color tattoos there may be a slight fade remaining.

Method: Tattoo Vanish® Method

The Tattoo Vanish® method is a relatively new, revolutionary removal method, and arguably the best tattoo removal option for those not wanting to use lasers. The Tattoo Vanish® method is more affordable than laser, while also taking only a few sessions at most for the tattoo to fade and disappear. This removal method starts with a local anesthetic applied to the tattoo area, then the technician will go over the area with a tattoo machine and apply the Ink Eraser solution. Once the session is over you will be furnished with aftercare instructions. This method is great for those wanting a safer, natural removal that is less painful than getting the tattoo itself.

If you are looking for the best tattoo removal method on the market, consider the Tattoo Vanish® method. Visit our website to find a local technician that can help you remove unwanted tattoos, safely. Contact Tattoo Vanish to know more information.

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