Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Work on All Tattoos?

March 31, 2020

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Work on All Tattoos?

So you got a tattoo that was a great idea at the time. You may have even loved having it for a long time. But now, the tattoo regret is seeping in, and you are looking to get it removed. Like most people, you are likely considering laser tattoo removal. You may even think it’s your only option.

Laser Tattoo Removal

There is a lot of misinformation spread about tattoo removal and laser tattoo removal in particular. Many people believe that it is the only option available. Others believe that all laser tattoo removal options are the same. Finally, many people believe that laser removal can only get rid of certain pigments or colors, particularly darker tones.

The truth is that some laser tattoo removal treatments can get rid of all kinds of tattoos, no matter the colors or pigments used in the original tattoo. These treatments, however, are not the ones that you usually find when you look for tattoo removal. In fact, these are often only offered by doctors, they can be exceptionally expensive, and they can take up to a year’s worth of painful treatments. So yes, you can get your entire tattoo removed through laser treatments, complete with more needles, but there is another option, an option that is faster, more convenient, less painful, and often more effective than standard laser removal methods.

Introducing the Tattoo Vanish Method

The method is called the Tattoo Vanish Method, the world’s first all natural tattoo removal system that works better, faster, and less painfully than laser tattoo removal.

The Vanish Method was developed by tattoo artists who used their knowledge of tattoos, ink, and tattoo equipment in its development. The process is incredibly simple and only takes a few sessions to make your tattoo disappear entirely, unlike laser tattoo removal.

First, a tattoo artist will go over your tattoo with a tattoo gun that is loaded with a numbing gel to help reduce the discomfort. Once the epidermis has been opened with the tattoo machine the certified technician will apply a special compound over the area to break down the ink and draw ink to the surface. As you heal, your body will create a scab pulling out the ink rather than encouraging the skin to absorb the ink. The Tattoo Vanish Method actually breaks down the ink and removes it from your body. This leads to a more effective tattoo removal experience over laser tattoo removal, and it leaves you with results that you can see.

So why do people choose the Tattoo Vanish Method? Because it’s:

• affordable

• less painful

• takes fewer sessions

• overall takes less time

• and is made entirely from all-natural ingredients

If you have tattoo regret and are looking to get a tattoo removed, the best option may be the Tattoo Vanish Method. This revolutionary new treatment is the only all-natural treatment available, and it is less painful and takes fewer sessions than laser tattoo removal. Whether your tattoo is large and obvious or small and quaint, the Tattoo Vanish Method will help break down the tattoo ink and restore your skin to its natural color. Contact us today to learn more about how the Tattoo Vanish method can help you.

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