Tattoo Removal Certification – Why It Matters

October 21, 2022

Tattoo Removal Certification – Why It Matters

You would never work as an unlicensed tattoo artist, would you? You know that having someone permanently ink a client’s skin with no formal training or tattoo hygiene knowledge is a recipe for disaster! So, why would you expect clients to have their ink removed by an uncertified technician? The removal of tattoo ink is a medical procedure that requires a sterile environment, a trained technician and aftercare. Let’s take a closer look at the best tattoo removal method on the market and why tattoo removal certification means the best removal result.

What is Tattoo Vanish

Tattoo Vanish is the latest in tattoo removal technology. It is the all-natural, non laser option that does not rely on acids or surgery; and yet, it removes even the stubborn colors that lasers leave behind. The method is as follows: a topical anesthetic is applied. The tattoo machine is used to open up the skin. The ink eraser is applied. The number of sessions depends on the size, color and depth of the tattoo.

Tattoo Vanish is the preferred method for complete tattoo removal and as such, it is being offered in tattoo and dermatology clinics across the nation. It is important, however, to have tattoo removal certification before offering this service.

Why is Tattoo Removal Certification Necessary?

Tattoo removal certification is your guarantee of best practices as the technician, to your clients. Although the solution used is not acid based and is safe and effective, thorough knowledge of the product is needed to ensure client safety and to keep your shop from litigious action.

How does One Obtain Tattoo Removal Certification?

Tattoo removal certification by Tattoo Vanish is open to both experienced tattoo artists and those without tattoo experience that are looking for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Tattoo artists with three or more months of hands-on training can take the course for $499. This course includes access to a technician portal, the Tattoo Vanish product and aftercare cream, and marketing materials.

Those without experience take a course that includes more in-depth training (to first fully understand the tattoo process) at a cost of $1,995. This course includes the Tattoo Vanish product and aftercare cream, marketing materials, a tattoo removal machine, foot switch, power supply and 10 cartridge needles.

Expand or Start a Business and Prove Your Expertise

Whether you run a tattoo shop or just want to offer Tattoo Vanish to those looking to shed their ink, tattoo removal certification is accessible and affordable. Being certified means offering the best practices, not hurting or scarring your clients, and avoiding litigation. Protect yourself and those that trust in your services by obtaining professional tattoo removal certification directly from Tattoo Vanish.

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