What Makes Tattoo Vanish So Much Better Than Other Tattoo Removal Methods

October 24, 2018

What Makes Tattoo Vanish So Much Better Than Other Tattoo Removal Methods

Most people don’t know that there are a wide variety of ways that tattoos can be removed. Whether you have outgrown the style of your youth or your (ex) significant other’s name being inked on your arm is no longer desirable, we at Tattoo Vanish offer the best tattoo removal method around. And the best part? The Tattoo Vanish® Method involves no lasers, is all natural, and is medically the safest tattoo removal treatment available.

Sounds pretty great, right? It is great, but, as you can imagine, there is much more that goes into the Tattoo Vanish® Method than we can explain in the above paragraph — or for that matter, a blog post. However, we’d like to explain a bit more regarding who we are, why we are different, and what exactly makes Tattoo Vanish and our non-laser tattoo removal method vastly superior to other tattoo removal techniques.

If you are looking for a way that requires fewer treatments, lower costs, and involves precisely zero lasers, this article is for you!

Who We Are

Our very own Mary Arnold-Ronish developed this completely unique tattoo removal process. Mary, a registered nurse with over three decades of experience in her focus field of dermatology, was able to formulate a safe and natural method of removing tattoos that steers clear of lasers and surgery.

The Tattoo Vanish® Method

Our all-natural tattoo removal method is, quite actually, the only method on the market that completely removes all colors. That’s something that not even laser tattoo removal can brag about! It’s why we can comfortably call it the best tattoo removal method around.

It works like this: we’ll apply a local anesthetic before and during the procedure, utilizing a tattoo machine in close to the same way as when you first got the tattoo, exposing the area to make it ready for the Ink Eraser for just a few minutes. After that, the treatment area will be cleaned and bandaged, and you’ll receive care instructions from your technician. It really is that simple!

In terms of results, the overall effectiveness of the treatment depends on the original tattooing method that was used on the tattoo in question, so your personal results will in part depend on that. Nevertheless, Tattoo Vanish can reduce treatments from 50 to 75 percent when compared to other removal methods — and that includes the use of lasers. Smaller tattoos might need just one to three treatments, while larger ones will typically require more than that. You can rest assured knowing that Tattoo Vanish will lighten or remove any color, as opposed to laser, which is only effective on certain treatments.

Find A Technician

You’ve been reading about it for a while now, so why not see the before/after results for yourself? Doing so will help you visualize the kind of difference our method can make for you. So, are you ready to experience the dramatically less painful and expensive tattoo removal method for yourself? Find a tattoo removal technician who is near you and ready to perform the Tattoo Vanish® Method today!

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