The Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal

September 24, 2018

The Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal comes with more risks than you might think.

Of the many different tattoo removal methods, laser tattoo removal has a reputation for being the best and most effective. However, laser tattoo removal is not the golden goose that many people believe it is, and before you rush out and get laser tattoo removal, you need to know about the many risks associated with it. Here are just a few of those risks:

#1. Blistering

During the laser tattoo removal process, the laser breaks up the ink particles using heat, but it can also break up the tiny blood vessels surrounding the tattoo. This can cause blisters filled with water and/or ink to form around the tattoo, which should heal in three to 14 days. If defective equipment is used, or the operator makes a mistake, instead of a blister, you could end up with severe burns.

#2. Incomplete Removal

Most people think that laser tattoo removal can completely remove any tattoo, but that’s simply not the case. Some ink colors are resistant to laser removal, with select ink colors actually darkening with laser tattoo removal. Additionally, if the ink is too deeply embedded in the dermis layer of the skin, it can be difficult or even impossible to remove via laser tattoo removal.

#3. Formation of Keloids

Though it’s rare, it’s possible that a thickened, raised scar could appear in the area between three and six months after laser tattoo removal has been completed. This type of scarring is called a hypertrophic scar or a keloid, and it’s the result of scar tissue overgrowth.

#4. Hypopigmentation or Hyperpigmentation

Hypopigmentation, which occurs when pigmentation in the skin is removed, and hyperpigmentation, which occurs when an excessive amount of pigment is produced, are both possible risks of laser tattoo removal.

#5. Infection

Though infections are rare with laser tattoo removal, they do happen. Infections are especially likely if you don’t take proper care of the area after laser tattoo removal has been completed.

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