Things to Consider Before Laser Tattoo Removal

June 30, 2022

Things to Consider Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo regret is a real problem. Perhaps you got a symbol you no longer support. Maybe you got something to share with a loved one, and then broke up. Some tattoos just fade over time. Whatever your reason for wanting your ink removed, you have to make a choice. Laser tattoo removal? Or another method?

What To Consider About Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers used to be the only way to have a tattoo safely and effectively removed, but now there are other options that can get rid of unwanted ink too. Before you choose laser tattoo removal, consider:

Laser Tattoo Removal

• The cost: laser tattoo removal costs depend on the size and type of tattoo (black and white, color, level of shading, etc.). However, one thing remains consistent – it is expensive. A very detailed or large piece can cost thousands of dollars to remove.

• The time: laser tattoo removal is not a one and done procedure. It takes several sessions over a period of time. Ensure you have the time and the money to keep going back. If you have to stop between sessions, you’ll wind up with a tattoo that you don’t like, that is now also partially destroyed.

• The aftercare: just like when you got your tattoo, there is aftercare that needs to be followed during its removal. Failure to treat the site like a wound can leave a scar or invite infection.

An Alternative to Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Vanish® Method is a new and better alternative to laser removal. Tattoo Vanish® costs less than laser removal and is also far less painful. Additionally, it can remove colors that are too stubborn for a laser to get out. While laser removal has the ink absorbing back into your body, Tattoo Vanish® removes it from your body. This method is safer and healthier because of that, and creates fewer possible side effects like scarring and infection.

How Does Tattoo Vanish® Work?

It’s a three-step process:

1. An anesthetic is applied over the area

2. The technician uses a tattoo machine to apply a solution called Ink Eraser

3. A few sessions are required, based on the size and type of tattoo

4. Between sessions the client uses aftercare, as instructed by the Vanish technician

Skip Laser Tattoo Removal and Go for Tattoo Vanish® Method

There was a time when laser tattoo removal was the only choice – and that was fine as it was good to know you could get rid of tattoo mistakes. However, time goes on and processes improve. Tattoo Vanish® Method is fast gaining popularity as the much more affordable, natural, safe and effective solution for unwanted tattoos. Vanish® technicians are trained and certified, and often have tattoo experience, so they understand the many intricacies of inked skin. Don’t let an unwanted tattoo bring you down. Don’t let a tattoo mistake affect your life. Contact us or visit this page to know more details.

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