Five Reasons to Consider Natural Tattoo Removal

October 30, 2020

Five Reasons to Consider Natural Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo you regret? You may think laser removal surgery is your only option because it’s the common choice, but don’t worry! There’s a safer, less expensive, more effective, and less tedious way to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Here are five reasons to consider natural tattoo removal, and why it’s often the best option.

Less Risk of Safety

A lot of people opt for laser tattoo removal and regret it. Not only is the process painful, but it can also lead to a host of other issues, such as infection and scarring. Not to mention, laser tattoos absorb the ink into your skin, and there isn’t a ton of proof yet whether this is completely safe or whether your body will retain some of the ink. Natural tattoo removal is a much safer method of tattoo removal because it draws the ink out of your skin without pain or tearing, and the ink all falls away in a scab.

natural tattoo removalLess Expensive

Despite all the risks and discomfort, laser surgeries can cost you a lot more money than natural tattoo removal methods. This is due to the equipment, the high professional expertise required, and the many appointments often needed to get satisfactory results. Natural tattoo removal methods are often relatively inexpensive, saving your money for more important things.

Doesn’t Take Long

Laser treatments can be hours and multiple appointments of grueling, painful procedures–not exactly a fun ride. This puts your body and mind through stress, and it wastes your valuable time. Natural tattoo removal doesn’t take long at all with Tattoo Vanish, and after your procedure, all you have to do is wait for your tattoo to form a scab. Once the scab falls off, usually within a week or so, you’ll see significant results on your tattoo, and it could even completely vanish with the first treatment.

Can Be Used for Cosmetic Tattoos

Laser treatments can have some seriously negative impacts for cosmetic tattoos, including darkening the ink. That just means you have to go to more sessions and spend more money—without the guarantee that it will lighten. If you use natural tattoo removal, you don’t run those risks against cosmetic tattoos, and you can rest assured you’ll get the results you want without the struggle.

Can Remove Any Colors

Laser tattoo removals, despite their popularity, are actually quite limited. Part of the reason that tattoos can still be visible afterward is that they can’t remove all colors. Natural tattoo removal doesn’t have this issue because it doesn’t work by bending beams of light, so it can get rid of all colors equally well. The last thing you want is to pay a ton of money and spend a ton of time only to have half your tattoo plainly visible, so natural tattoo removal is a much safer bet.

Overall, there are many reasons to consider natural tattoo removal, including lower safety risks, expense, duration, use on cosmetic tattoos, and complete removal of colors. If you’re looking to remove a tattoo quickly, with minimal discomfort and without breaking the bank, then natural tattoo removal is probably right for you. Contact us to know more information.

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